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Classically Angela, the Struggle to get Here

After looking at an article on creating a business name I realized I missed some steps. Using some of the nouns my friends described me as and a google search of how many people had the title of this blog, Classically Angela was born.

As an amateur blogger, it seems that I have tried many ways, types, and platforms to get started.

I started out with an affiliate blog, but as I went on the message didn’t resonate with me.

It was kind of downing the necessary activities that produce income when done well.

I started out on my own looking at Pinterest and coming up with a clever blog name, Angie Ruiz, Bee’s Knees.

That name and blog didn’t have a clear direction and was a weird glob of my personal life, my small business that my partner company now has stringent compliance to follow, and just stuff.

I tried to classify it as health and wellness. Not quite.

I went into authenticity, then there was Authentically Angela.

While that was good and close, there was a problem and here’s where we find ourselves in a story within a story.

I got the idea to start a proofreading business trying to figure out what I’m going to do for work now that I’ve stopped teaching for the time being.

I googled how to start a proofreading company, and the first step to starting a company is to come up with a name.

I came up with a name for that business, which I will release once I’ve gotten my LLC good to go with that, but here’s the kicker.

I decided to google my blog name “Authentically Angela.” There were so many results that popped up, that while the title was an expression of where I’m heading in life, it obviously wasn’t unique.

So, I started doing a brain dump for my blog, much like I did with my proofreading business.

I used word that I put in a prior Facebook post asking people if they could use three words to describe me, what would they be.

I liked classy, but “Classy Angela,” wasn’t quite a ringer.

Then it hit me, Classically Angela.

I liked the ring of it, but I had to hit the google and check social platforms…

BINGO! No one used this name anywhere that I could find.

It was mine. It was me, and I am going to keep this one personal and close.

Classically Angela is a personal blog about my life, and it’s going to have all of the things in it that make me, me, and all of those things that I’ve learned that I want to teach, show, or recommend to you.

Now, you can take everything I tell you with a grain of salt. I’m no guru, or expert in anything, except maybe music education. I have a masters degree, six years experience, research, and hundreds of hours of professional development I have accumulated since my freshman year of college.

I will own that. I worked my ass off for that… even though I’m not teaching anymore.

That identity crisis is a whole other blog post.

However, I am able to apply the basics of what I have done with half of my life to bring you recommendations, lessons, and my true self so that way there are little nuggets that maybe you can apply to your own life.

And this time, if this blog turns into a weird shit show, I’m sticking with it, because I’m tossing the perfectionism and lack of naming research that killed the other blogs out the door.

Welcome to Classically Angela. Enjoy your stay.

Classically yours,