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Top 5 Supporting Characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

If you want to talk about anime classics, let’s take a moment to appreciate Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a 5 part anime series about the Joestar family, particularly those whose names begin with J (with one exception whose name starts with G.)

It begins with Jonathan Joestar, an average British guy who was a gentleman through and through.

He had the misfortune of crossing paths with a Mr. Dio Brando, who will wreak havoc for Joestars through several generations.

Along the way, each Joestar following Jonathan meets some great characters, good and bad.

Today we’ll list 5.

5. Speedwagon

Speedwagon is probably one of the most loyal characters and a hype man, even after his death with the Speedwagon Foundation. Speedwagon came into the story as a ruffian on the streets of London with a hat that’s like a boomerang blade. After his fight with Jonathan Joestar, Speedwagon changes his ways and becomes a big supporter of the Joestar family. He last appears in part 2 with the grandson of Jonathan, Joseph Joestar, and much like our number one on this list, Speedwagon is an influential character to the story directly and indirectly in all five parts.

4. Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati is not just a handsome character. He is also a badass. He appears in part 5 as a leader of a segment of an Italian gang. Bucciarati is a stand user whose stand is named Zipperman. He can put a zipper anywhere to zip and unzip anything, including creating them on people. Bucciarati is a just leader, or at least as just as a gangster can be, and his sense of justice strengthened when he met one Giorno Giovanna (our Jojo with a G.)

3. Guido Mista

Guido Mista is another Jojo character from Jojo part 5. Mista’s stand is called 6 Pistol, consisting of 6 bullets— 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. There is no number 4 because 4 is an unlucky number for Misra. He is a calm guy in a crop top that is a characteristic of male fashion in Jojo. Mista made the list because of his calm character, and his relationship with his stand is adorable and is unique amongst all stands and users. One notable characteristic of this is he makes sure his stand eats lunch at the same time every day, whereas most stands don’t eat.

2. Rohan Kishibe

Rohan Kishibe is a character that appears in Jojo part 4. He is a mangaka (manga artist) who lives in the town of Morioh. His stand’s name is Heaven’s Door which turns the victim’s features, particularly the face, into a book. Rohan is known to go on his own bizarre adventures as he immerses himself in research as source material for his stories. Rohan is towards the top of this list because he’s an intelligent, practical character who has a very serious knack for the petty. Rohan also has his own spin-off shows that are fantastic.

1. Dio Brando

Dio has to be hands down the best and most iconic villain in history. He is the reason why extreme poses are associated with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio’s story starts when he is taken in by Jonathan Joestar’s dad. There is no real indication of why Dio is such a jerk to Jonathan, and there is no real reason why he should be the bane of the existence of Jonathan’s descendants. The reason he is at the top of the list is because of how prolific he is as far as just being a villain and his influence is over the story either directly or indirectly in all five parts. When he is present, this man has some of the best one-liners in the whole show.

If you’ve never seen Jojo, you can check it out on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

The Rohan Kishibe spin-offs are available on Netflix.

Also, definitely read the manga.

Until next time.



Author: Angela Ruiz

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