Why I don’t agree with political advertising

It’s that time of year AND it’s THAT year.

The 2020 presidential election is around the corner.

That means we are being inundated with advertisements.

This post isn’t going to lean one way or the other, but it is going to be an observation and explanation on why certain people don’t win.

They don’t win because the advertisements of their opponents is focused on the negative aspects of the opponent.

It’s not about what they actually plan to do for the people using their influence.

It appeals to our emotions.

That’s what you want to do when marketing something.

However, constantly talking about your opponent is imprinting his or her name in the subconscious mind of the general populace.

There are definitely polarized people who are going to vote one way or the other, advertisements be damned.

The people that win elections are those who are unsure.

It’s a wild card because they can go one way or the other.

So when they get to the voting booth they will vote on name recognition.

It’s not people who aren’t sure that vote on name recognition, most of us do.

Therefore, if I were running political ads, my face and name would be all over them and my opponent would be nowhere near my ads.

Debates are for sharing the space an opponent not campaign ads.

Instead of focusing on what we DON’T want, we should be putting more energy into what we DO want.

Focusing on what we don’t want will manifest that outcome.

Focusing on what we DO want will manifest that outcome.

I see it in people’s social media profiles too.

The memes talking shit about the person they aren’t voting for.

I’ve seen politicians even talk more about their opponents and it’s all trash.

I’m disappointed that this is what we’ve come to.

I often talk about how our thoughts manifest into reality and how we are always co-creating our reality with others.

Look at how you’re promoting (or not promoting) about the candidate you believe in.

Are you going to like what will happen if the thing you’re focusing on becomes reality?

If not, I highly recommend changing your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Until next time.



Author: Angela Ruiz

I’m an amateur blogger trying to find my way in the world. As a Master of Music Education and 6 years of teaching orchestra my life is heading in a new direction. As an entrepreneur and violinist, I’m exploring this new normal.

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