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Welcome to my blog site.

Not too long ago, I made a discovery about myself. That discovery was that I love to write. It was something I did before I focused on becoming a musician or educator. I loved writing fiction, research, things I learned, and about the things that I’m doing. So, I decided to dedicate a blog to those writings in the hope of helping others with a tip, trick, or little nugget of information that will help them along. I may not be in the classroom anymore, but I don’t plan to stop teaching. I’ll just be teaching to a different audience.

I’m going to continue introducing the site with quotes, because one of the things I love aside from writing is reading and catching things I can learn from others through quotes. Also, citations are important to me. As someone who did a lot of research especially doing my masters, and as a musician I like giving credit where it’s due.

I grew up on the ragged edge of self-acceptance, where I was holding on to it, but was easy to fall off. But as I found my way inside myself, I’ve been able to accept my own hair, my own shape.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Logic is the beginning of wisdom… not the end.

Lieutenant Commander Spock

But when you stop and really think about it, conventional life advice– all the positive and happy self-help stuff we hear all the time– is actually fixating on what you lack. It lasers in on what you perceive your personal shortcomings and failures to be, and then emphasizes them for you.

Mark Manson

Why quotes, and why these?

I have played violin or about two decades now, I have a Master’s Degree in music education, and I taught orchestra for six years. In that time of stress and triumph, I managed to gain 100 pounds. I also attempted to lose it. I poured over books about will power, and getting the life I want. I still believe that is possible, but not in the conventional means of doing it. You see, if we focus on scarcity and what we lack, it turns into an ugly cycle of taking failure as final and letting go of things too soon. Also, there is really nothing to “fix” per se, but digging into the why of things in both a logical and sometimes illogical manner has really helped me along to self-acceptance, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As I have moved along in my journey, especially in my writing, I noted in one post that everything has come back to mindset with me. I’ll do that a lot, so be prepared. The road to healing is not traipsing through the daisies ignoring the bad and the ugly. It’s charging right through the darkness.

That might now sound reassuring. I’m really a terrible salesman, but if you can get past that, cool! I’m glad you’re willing to stay, and I hope you enjoy it.